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Lust spells that really work by real Thailand black magic master Ajarn Patana. Many people are still skeptical about how lust spells can work through online black magic. This type of black magic work will require a real spiritual master who can cosmically send images and visualization to the targeted person whom you want to be attracted and be lustful to you. Master Patana is one powerful spiritual black magic master who has attained such ability to re-create one’s destiny.  However, master believes a lot in karma, and his rituals often involves merits making as a part of the ritual.

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However again, master will not offer to help any target who are 21 years old and below.

How master does the lust spells ritual?
There are 2 parts of ritual involved in a lust spell ritual by master.
Part 1. Depending on the gender of the target person, master will summon either a male or female spirit who is willing to take up this task in return for a merit.  A merits making ritual will be made for the spirit who will intercept into the dreams of the targeted person. (In each of us, we have a total of 4 bodies. 1 of it is our physical body.) During sleep, our 3rd body actually leaves our physical body for cosmic charging. This state is usually unconscious and automated. Most of us do not even know about it.  At this state,  anyone will lose their thoughts about their gender, and even sexual preferences. During this time, the summoned spirit will intercept and lead the targeted person into new preference, and anchors the target to new beliefs. This form of thai black magic is very rare nowadays as most of the great masters who can perform this has already passed away.

Part 2. Merits making for the client who hired  master to do the lust spells. As this form of magic (lust spells) can negatively affect one’s karma. Master will deliver merits for the client in exchange to balance up the karma.

Will a lust spell work on everyone?
According to master. It all depends on the karma of the person you are targeting. If the targeted person has more negative karma than positive. (which most people 90% have more negative than positive karma)  This form of lust spells black magic will surely work.

How long does it take to see results?
A lust spell performed by master will usually show results within 1 or 2 days. However, the client do need to make effort to meet up with the target to experience it.

How long will the lust spells effect last?
Once the lust spells is casted, the target person might feel uneasy or may behave differently. A lust spell can last up to a month. But if the target makes any merits or go to a religious place for cleansing, the effect may be lost. As lust spells is categorized under light black magic spells that alters one’s mind temporarily.

What we need from you?
1. Your birthdate
2. Your Birth time (If you have)
3. Photo of your target
4. Birthdate of your target. (if you have)

What you need to do at your end?
1. Once order is received, helpers here will translate your request to Thai language for master to perform the magic. Master will give a date and time on when the ritual will start. You will have to get ready a red or white candle (We will reply you in the email to tell you the color.) and you must burn at the same time when master does the ritual. (You will need to convert your timezone to match the time.)

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