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How Money Spells Work?

Advancement of future money also means future money accumulated for NEXT LIFE.We all have a sum of amount when coming to this life, this amount is usually from
people who owed you last life, and will have to return to you this life. Some people use up their last life’s money within this life and that’s why they become poor.
Some people born poor because did not do any good the last life.
To build this life and next life wealth, the only way is to give to charity. One of the most powerful way is coffin donations and via delivering of merits to your ancestors.
Master will help deliver the merits to change the karma and advance the wealth to you.

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– 1 Hour Chanting & Communicating with the dead. –

Master believe that every problem starts with karma, a karmic cycle everyone have to go through, be it karma due to last life or this life. Karmas are accumulating every day and re-assessed by the heavenly realm every minute and every second.
Everything in your mind creates new karma, a good thought or an evil thought creates karma, every word you say creates karma and every action, creates karma.
Be it any religion, Chritianity, Buddhism, Islamic etc, all will have to follow this.
Bad karmas affect and can cause financial losses, bad relationships, enemies, injuries, accidents and not getting what you want.

The first part of the ritual, master will do a karma reduction ritual.
This is the part when you need to start burning the candle to receive the energies.
This ritual will ask forgiveness from all deities and spirits whom you ever offended before. (You might be asking who are these deities or spirits. Every person have ancestors, loved ones who passed away still watching over and protecting them. Any negative actions or words towards another person may offend their ancestors protecting them. You have your own ancestors protecting you too and their strength to protect you depends on their own merits during their lifetime. This ritual is to first make apologies to these spirits. A portion of the food prepared for the ritual are made as offerings to these spirits.

– Making up bad karmas for you and 15 minutes chanting-

To make up for all other negative energies or bad karmas. Merits will be made in your name. Coffin donations, donations to build temples and food for the poor in your name. We really donate these money! This is the part that helps create new wealth merits and karma that can be advanced for this life.
(Master even donates money to Christian churches, groups, Christians or Muslim people, anyone who needs help, master taught all of us to be open-minded and be charitable.)

– Spirits summoned to assist you –

An hour or more chanting spells and communication with the spirits. During the ritual, master will ask which child spirit is willing to assist you with your wishes, and as a reward will deliver what you promise to give them. (Gold chain, toys or donations in their name)

– For All Spirits, Souls and your ancestors’ spirits. _

Merits will be made in the name of spirits who help you, spirits who forgave you and to help your own ancestors’ protecting you gain more merits.
Money will be donated to make coffins, build temples, and food for the poor.


A huge part of the money paid are made as donations and part of the merits ritual.
It is one of the most powerful ritual, and could be carried out only by powerful masters who has attained high merits. Master Patana is able to communicate and negotiate in this realm. Many people thought that a black magic ritual usually do harm more than good. But this is not the case with Master Patana. He uses this magic ritual to ease off the bad karmas first, build your merits and all spirits willing to help you.

Most masters, priests or witches use forceful commands rituals that make spirits angrier, and creates more karma. Results are often very short-term and usually the client will suffer more later on.

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